Lesson Plans

Grade 3-5
Thirteen Ed Online has provided this set of lesson plans about Making Movie Storyboards. Grade 4 - 7
Wet Tropics Management Authority in Australia has created this lesson plan on how to do Claymation and Animation

Dan Grant, a grade 5 teacher, has created this plan for the work he did with his class.

Grade 7
Clay Animation Project
Follow the link to see a lesson on studying the history of clay animation: http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/middle/renee-animation.htm

"The main objective here was to create a visual story without words. In this unit we studied the history and process of clay animation. The class took one day out and watched a Wallace and Grommit movie. Working in groups of three, we then developed our plot with the help of a storyboard. After the storyboard was filled out we split up jobs in our groups. One or two of us designed our characters out of clay and someone designed a setting. We all took turns photographing and rearranging the clay characters. The next step took us to the lab where we edited and animated our claymation story." Renee Berg, Mitchell Middle School, South Dakota

Follow the link to see a detailed and comprehensive teaching unit on clay animation: http://www.princetonol.com/groups/iad/lessons/middle/Clay-Connie.htm

This teaching unit includes the following:
  • Objectives
  • Preparation Needed/ Supplies
  • Resources
  • Websites
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Assessment Rubric

Grade 7
Claymation: Making Mitosis Move
(Science and Visual Art)

Grade 6-7 and Highschool

Here is a file created by Brook Kelter (Fitzgerald High School) called "Stop Motion Animation."
The link
Stop Motion Animation - Lesson Plan from Schooltube.com leads to a document that includes the following:
  • project requirements
  • planning guide (questions to get students to plan out their animation)
  • reflection questions
  • grading rubric